My Viagra sildenafil

Basic information about erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, generally speaking, is the recurrent inability of a person to achieve an erection during sexual intercourse or inability to sustain it throughout the course of an act of sexual intercourse. The recent findings of BBC Health suggest that in the UK erectile dysfunction is one of the most common male sexual health disorders. According to the findings one in every ten men suffers from erectile dysfunction. These studies have more specifically pointed out that 22% of UK men in their 40s and 49% of males between the age group of 65 to 70 years are victims to the situation. It has been found further that in 70% of cases erectile dysfunction is caused due to physical problems of which, health conditions like cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and hormonal problems, especially thyroxin disorder play leading role in causing this problem. Moreover, a substantial number of people are also reported to have suffered from this problem due to their dependence on tranquilizers, antidepressants and medications to control high blood pressure.

Can medications be used to solve this problem?

Viagra pillsErectile dysfunction appears as a simple problem as it doesn’t actually cause very severe harm to your health. This is an important reason that in most cases this condition remains untreated. Leaving erectile dysfunction untreated may lead to further sexual complications and a man may lose his capacity to sustain an erection forever. Not to mention the emotional complications that may be caused, recent studies have pointed at a strong probability that erectile dysfunction may finally lead to serious cardiac problems. So, leaving this problem untreated may also mean that you will be putting your physical stability under serious risk. Thanks to modern scientific advancement, it is now possible to cure erectile dysfunction completely. Viagra sildenafil in this context is considered to be one of the most successful medications. Since the launch of this medication in 1998, commercial success of Viagra sildenafil has become an international phenomenon. It has been reported that more than 70% of Viagra users have experienced significant improvement in their erectile function and their sexual lives have been restored.

How does my Viagra sildenafil work?

Viagra or sildenafil citrate is a very powerful PDE-5 inhibitor that delays function of this enzyme for a considerable time period so that you get sufficient time for satisfactory sexual intercourse. The erectile process starts with secretion of the cGMP enzyme as soon as a person is sexually stimulated. This enzyme relaxes the penile blood vessels so that additional blood enters the penis and blood pressure can stiffen the muscles of the penis. As long as this extra blood flow continues you get the opportunity to sustain an erection. Emission of PDE-5 ends function of the cGMP and blood vessels come back to normal shape. Naturally due to lack of blood pressure you lose the erection. The right dosage of Viagra sildenafil helps inhibit PDE-5 for a maximum of four hours and every time you will be sexually excited within this duration, you won’t face any difficulty either getting or sustaining an erection.

Is my Viagra sildenafil completely safe?

viagra impotemcyTaking the prescribed Viagra dosage doesn’t lead to any serious physical complications except certain common side effects, such as, headache, muscle pain, nasal congestion and upset stomach. These problems generally stop occurring when a person’s physical system becomes habituated with sildenafil dosage. However, taking extra dosages may cause complications that can be potentially harmful for your physical condition. Chest pain, high blood pressure, renal disorder, and heart rhythm disorder are some of the most common complications. A person shouldn’t also take Viagra with medications that contain nitrate, ACE and beta blockers.